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My contract for the True Stella Awards book did not stipulate that I had to take the cases off the TSA web site, but I did remove them …until now. Yeah, I waited a good long time!

The full case lineup will eventually be added to this site with extra details: relevant letters published in subsequent newsletters, and any follow-ups I could find — the “what happened to this case?” that I could rarely include in the newsletters since very often such cases take many years to get from “filing” in court to trial (if any), judgement (if any), and appeal (if any). If you are aware of any further developments in any case presented, you are most welcome to let me know.

Note: There will be some minor differences between the cases presented here and what was printed in the True Stella Awards book: I am using the original newsletter text, plus subsequent corrections and updates, and not the book text, which went through a legal review by the book publisher (which resulted in some changes), as well as the book publisher’s editors, who thankfully had a light touch but, of course, there were changes in that process too. I consider my newsletter text and my updates to be mine, and the version that the book publisher created with their process to be “theirs,” and I did not consult the book in the re-posting of these cases.

Note also that the discussion points made in the book — the conclusions made after looking at the full body of cases — are not included on this site. The book is still valuable for those.

—Randy Cassingham

The Cases Available Now:

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